5th November 2019, The Royal Society London

Validate AI Conference

Together we can better maintain AI for society!

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Why Attend the Conference?

  • To obtain industry-leading tacit knowledge surrounding deployment and maintenance of AI systems from industry thought-leaders to take boost AI capability.

  • To identify and adopt more robust and innovative AI validation and maintenance methodologies critical to the deployment of this technology through our positions as senior decision-makers and practitioners. 

  • To develop new networks and collaborative partnerships across academia, government and industry to grow AI deployment sophistication for economic and societal gain. 

  • To boost new areas of academic research in AI maintenance methods with great potential for innovation to develop more effective and reliable applied systems.    

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How do we challenge the status quo with the latest research?


Private Sector

How do we make AI work in a safe manner for our consumers?



How do we ensure AI is deployed in an ethical manner for all our citizens?